Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania Personelem w Warszawie
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Admission Requirements:

Each applicant must have earned one of the following educational credentials from a WSZP  recognized organization: a high school diploma or equivalent, a General Educational Development (GEDŽ) certificate or a post-secondary degree or professional degree. The diploma or other acceptable documentation of the applicant's educational achievement must be provided for the student's file by the end of registration unless the school grants an extension. An official high school transcript (or equivalent documentation) with the high school graduation date, an official GEDŽ transcript with the content scores and an indicator that the student passed the GEDŽ test, or an official college transcript (or equivalent documentation) with the grade point average (GPA) and, if applicable, the graduation date must be provided for the student’s file by the end of the second session of enrollment.

Age Requirement

Each applicant for either an online or on-campus education must be at least 17 years old on the first day of classes.

Interview Requirement

To be granted admission to ICoM, for an education online, on campus or through a combination of both, a prospective student must interview with a ICoM Admissions Advisor (Admissions Representative in Warsaw and complete an application for admission. In addition, all other general and specific admission requirements must be met, including those regarding age, prior education, and evaluation of proficiency in the basic and prerequisite skills needed for college-level work.

English-Language Proficiency Admission Requirements

All instruction and services are provided in English.

In addition to fulfilling all other admission requirements, applicants whose native language is other than English must demonstrate English-language proficiency. The English-language proficiency requirement is waived for applicants who meet one of the following criteria:

  •  English is identified as the official/native language of the country in which the applicants completed all of their secondary education or postsecondary, advanced or professional degree.
  •  Applicants completed their secondary or post secondary education in a country in which English is not the official/native language; however, English was the principal language of instruction at the institution*.
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