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International Applicants:

International applicants should obtain academic advising prior to enrolling to ensure they can retain nonimmigrant status while enrolled at ICoM.

Most ICoM locations are authorized by Immigration and Customs to accept and enroll Student Visa and require international applicants to submit certain financial and academic documentation before they will be considered for admission. To be considered for admission to ICoM international applicants must:

  • Provide certified copies of acceptable documents demonstrating the required level of prior education.
  • Provide a notarized statement of financial support or a certified government sponsor letter indicating that tuition will be paid in advance of each semester and that a sponsor will provide all necessary living expenses for the international applicant.
  • Meet requirements for admission of non-native speakers of English, if applicable Applicants should check with their consulate or embassy for other pertinent requirements.

Contacting ICoM in Your Country

Whether you're entering as an undergraduate or a graduate student, you can earn a reputable degree from an accredited university that is respected by top employers around the globe. Explore below to find your country’s ICoM representative.

Meet a Representative from ICoM

Prospective international students will have the opportunity to meet representatives from WSZP before making a final decision about pursuing a  degree program at WSZP.

See the list below to find a WSZP Agency representative in your country. Or to find out more information about ICoM University's international agents and our academics team, please contact an International Student Advisor.

From Acceptance to Enrollment

As an international student, obtaining a Visa will be your first order of business after being accepted to ICoM. Once granted a Visa,* you'll want to accomplish the following in preparation for your move to Poland:

  • Select courses for your first semester
  • Electronically wire your tuition
  • Arrange travel to the Poland
  • Send copies of your travel documents to an International Admissions Advisor as soon as possible.

*ICoM cannot guarantee a prospective student will be issued a Visa. A  prospective student should not make final travel plans or buy tickets until he or she has been granted a Visa.

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