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Living in Poland

Cost of living in Poland

In comparison to other European countries, Poland is a relatively cheap place to live and study. Prices depend greatly on the city, but a student can get by with about EUR 300 at their monthly disposal. Average costs of student living range from EUR 350 up to EUR 550. Please remember, that to be able to study in Poland non-EU/EEA students have to possess sufficient means to cover the living costs.

Below are some examples to give an idea of the amounts students spend per month.

Monthly expenses (average value)

  • Rent in a Shared Flat (or dormitory)    80-150 EUR
  • Food    100-150 EUR
  • Transportation (in big cities)    15-20 EUR
  • Telephone/mobile, internet, TV    20-30 EUR
  • Study materials    30-50 EUR
  • Other expenses (leisure/entertainment)    70-100 EUR

Examples of other selected prices

  • bread (1 loaf )    0.80 EUR
  • milk (1 liter)    0.70 EUR
  • lunch at a canteen    3.00 EUR
  • coffee in a café    2.50 EUR
  • cinema ticket    5.00 EUR

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