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Management Bachelor’s Degree Program

Are you inspired by the dynamic forces of change and potential for growth in the ever-evolving business landscape? Would you enjoy leading business improvement efforts or managing innovation initiatives for an organization? Then consider ICoM bachelor's degree in management, designed to help students gain the knowledge and skills needed to adapt to rapidly changing, tech-dependent and competitive global marketplaces.

This on-campus or online degree-completion program helps prepare students for a business management path in a variety of industries. If you're currently employed, this bachelor’s degree program can be a great way to add versatile problem-solving and management skills to help prepare for what’s next in your field.

To further align your business school studies with your own interests, choose from our many specializations focusing on distinct roles within an organization such as accounting, supply chain management, and project management.


  • Accounting Specialization
  • Finance Specialization
  • Hospitality Management Specialization
  • Human Resource Management Specialization
  • Information Technology Specialization
  • Project Management Specialization
  • Sales and Marketing Specialization

Mandatory Language course

The student should take either German / French as a second language to learn which will be taught along with your program.

Management Careers Overview

Whether you're looking to start a new business management career or advance the one you're already in, earning a bachelor’s degree in Management offers you the opportunity to gain skills and credentials generally needed for managerial positions in diverse businesses and industries. Successful business management professionals are often called on to develop comprehensive analytics and reports, communicate clearly both orally and in writing, and work effectively in leadership and support roles within a team environment.

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