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Professional Responsibilities

By earning your bachelor's degree in Management from WSZP, you're preparing to make a difference in today's competitive global marketplace. The degree program is specifically designed to help working adults complement their current knowledge and skills base with more advanced management skills. Expert managers are needed in every business and industry, and their responsibilities could include:

  • Preparing and analyzing financial documents as an accountant or auditor
  • Designing and developing software applications as a systems software engineer
  • Developing business plans, setting goals, and implementing procedures as a business administrator or manager
  • Supervising projects and managing workflow as a project manager
  • Analyzing statistics and developing plans as a marketing analyst
  • Managing a health services office
  • Purchasing merchandise as a store buyer or making even bigger decisions as a store manager with responsibility for employees
  • Planning, scheduling, and directing all operations as a hotel manager or special events planner

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